The Art Of Zoo - Nuns of Fun - nun bestiality

We’re pleasantly surprised by how well the Mogul Projects are going so far. Despite some delays with Mogul Project #2, the whole Mogul and Custom movies side is going pretty well. Movies are funded properly and, more importantly, to date none of the private material has been shared. Or at least, shared in an appropriate way that does not fuck us in the ass.

With that in mind, we are going to try a little experiment with Mogul Project #3. This project is Mogul-Only. It will be funded by Moguls, and only available to Moguls.



The Art Of Zoo - Nuns of Fun - nun bestiality

On his travels, The Senor has located a more-or-less abandoned church in a remote location. This led to thinking about nuns with dogs. We’ve found a nun’s costume and have a Lady ready to step into the role. No real problems – just that the church is quite remote, and with gas costs now, plus time and effort going to and from the church over a few sessions – maybe needing to hide if the Vicar turns up, etc – it’s probably best to throw this at our intrepid Moguls and see if we can’t make this happen.



The Art Of Zoo - Nuns of Fun - nun bestiality
Very vintage nun bestiality movie with a dog…

The device of sticking nuns in naughty situations with animals is a classic one. Bodil did it. I have a stack of books with animal-loving nuns as the theme. I never did it with a nun, not yet anyhoo, but I can see the attraction. Libertine is fine – but if you want a REALLY naughty Lady, you need a Lady from a religious background. Everyone knows about Catholic girls. That strict upbringing which eventually makes a Lady want to cut loose and get it on with Rover, as her natural womanly instincts kick in. Particularly after a few drinks.

It doesn’t get much more ‘religious background‘ than a nun. It would be kinda cool to reboot the nun-with-animals theme if only this 1 time, simply because I don’t believe it’s been done since the 60s/70s. I may be wrong, but let’s do it anyway.



The Art Of Zoo - Nuns of Fun - nun bestiality
Bodil’s sweet bushy button ready for the donkey…

Nuns are supposed to be married to Jesus. I don’t usually mess with married Ladies. However there is but 1 Jesus, and more nuns around than any 1 chap could possibly need, son of God or otherwise. If he has a problem with that he is welcome to come take it up with me.

The Mogul ticket on this project is 400 euros, please drop a line to support and let us know if you are interested to be a Mogul on this project. And don’t worry, I can 101% guarantee this project will not overrun as the bondage project did. We have all the elements, so it should be completed quite quickly.



The plan is to make this our first Mogul-only movie. Actually, anyone can get it, as anyone can be a Mogul.

IF however, the response from Moguls is not great, then we may shoot it anyway, and release the movie publicly, after all, to make up the shortfall. I will keep everyone posted on that.



The Art Of Zoo - Nuns of Fun - nun bestiality

I’m very much hoping this works though because I have high hopes for our Moguls group. I’m including Customs Patrons and other supporting Patrons in the Mogul category because it’s easier to write. If it works as we hope, we are thinking about setting up a VIP Club for Moguls.

It kinda makes sense – currently, we shoot movies ad-hoc and hope Members are interested enough to purchase them. We never really know what Members will like – movies we think are great sometimes get a tepid reception, and movies we are sure Members won’t like, fly off the shelves.

With a small group of Moguls, it becomes very easy to just ask you what you’d like to see, then shoot exactly that. A small group is easier to provide convenient billing for, and we could provide a much more personal service. Not just on movies either. So, what happens next is really up to you good folx, and we’ll see what happens.

You Mogulicious folks, you know what to do – get Moguling, and let’s have a splash of nun of the above 🙂


The Nun and the Gardeners Dog by Turria - sex with dogs
The Nun and the Gardeners Dog by Turria
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