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Get Verified


Our verification system is designed to weed out the numerous undesirable types on the animal sex scene – fakes, timewasters, and worse. It’s very easy to get verified, you just need to jump on cam for a minute, so we can see you are who you say you are. If you are genuine, this should be no problem at all for you.

We were the first site on the animal sex scene to verify members, we’ve verified thousands of Pet Ladies and Pet Owners over several decades. It’s perfectly safe, and it is THE most effective way to know whether someone is real, or not. There’s a simple motto for everyone wanting to get real on the animal sex scene:



Yes, the fantasy can be as attractive as the reality, and it’s very easy to get caught up in it all. If you’ve had enough fantasy and want to get REAL, ignore that motto at your peril.

Given the nature of our work, we prefer to know who we are speaking with. We do not enter into any detailed discussions until someone is verified. Every minute spent speaking to an unverified person is generally a minute wasted. So please get verified first – talk after.



In the past, we verified any Lady or Pet Owner wanting to contact others. This is currently on hold, you can read about that in this post about our animal sex Contact Site.

We are currently verifying:

If you are female and interested in Modeling for us, you can read more about animal sex modeling here.

If you are an Owner in, around or near Europe, you can read more about that here.

If you are interested in being a Producer, you can read about being an Animal Porn Producer here.

If you are a Model or Owner interested to get involved with our work, we would ask you to get verified first.



It’s very easy (if you are real). We use the following messengers to verify people:

  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Element
  • Vipole

Sorry, we do not use other messengers due to security reasons. All these messengers are free and secure – Skype is not ideal, but it’s easy and common and we’ve used it for years without any problems.

Please contact us, and tell us your ID on one of the above messengers. We will add you, and verify you when you/we are online at the same time. We would ask you to have a piece of paper and a pen to hand, we will ask you to write something down. This is to avoid people trying to use fake cam streams to get verified.

Yes, you can wear an eye mask if you are concerned about anonymity.



Genuine members invariably follow certain patterns, because they want to get on with the fun at hand; they contact us, they get on cam promptly, and they are verified, job done.

Fake members also follow certain patterns, such as:

“I want to be in movies but I am shy”
If you are too shy to get on cam then meeting people for animal sex / being an animal porn star is probably not the right path for you.

“I can’t get verified now I’m at work / I’m not alone / I’m on fire / etc”
Video calling is common these days, everyone does it – you do not need to take your clothes off, and you do not need to do anything suspicious. You do not even need to speak, we need to see you not hear you. If you are at work, go to the bathroom quickly. If you are not alone, go to the bathroom quickly. If it starts to sound evasive, we will decline to verify you.

“I can’t get verified right now can I verify at 3pm on the 2nd of the month?”
Sorry, we do not schedule verifications according to when your girlfriend/mother/sister/escort/cleaner is there, to get in front of the cam and pretend to be you. Genuine people are there, now, with their cam, now – and now is generally when genuine people get verified. If it starts to sound evasive, we will decline to verify you.

“I can verify with a photo/video”
No, you can’t. Photos and videos can be of anyone at all and do not prove a damned thing. We verify by cam only.

“I don’t have a cam”
Presumably, you are contacting us from 1993 – please contact us when you return to the 21st Century where every available communications device has a built-in cam.

“Other assorted bullshit”
If you’re going to come with bullshit, please put some effort into your bullshit, and try to make your bullshit mildly original or entertaining so we don’t have to listen to the same old bullshit forever. Bottom line – if it doesn’t smell right we will decline to verify you. Any questions.

Sorry to be harsh, but unfortunately there is no shortage of lames. If you are genuine, this all probably sounds very familiar to you.

We look forward to verifying you, and you becoming one of the small % of elite REAL Pet People on the pet scene. Thanks for reading.



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