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Custom Animal Porn

Have It Your Way!

The masterful ArtOfZoo Team put together an amazing custom experience based on my personal requests. It even exceeded my own expectations. For the discerning viewer – kudos to AoZ!
– S.R.


We’ve provided a personal, discreet service for animal sex fans for over 20 years. Our custom service is for Petfans who need a little something extra, or prefer exclusive material. If there is something specific you’d really like to see, our Custom service is for you.

Art of Zoo - custom animal sex movies


We are currently changing how we offer custom movies, so please check back because the details may change as we progress.

In short – in future, custom shoots will be available as part of each new Mogul Project. We already did some custom movies for Moguls on the Raven Project, and that went quite well. If we need to ask our Models to stick around a bit longer to shoot something special for you, that can be arranged.

We will remind Members about the availability of any custom shoots on each Mogul Project we announce hereon in. Please be sure to get your requests in promptly – there is little point in requesting a custom shoot after the Model(s) have already left 🙂


We have an excellent track record in producing innovative, sometimes outrageous movies – we also pride ourselves on producing an excellent product, which meets our Patrons needs.

We are aware that sexuality is extremely diverse. The only hard limits are:

  • Anything potentially harmful to our Models or Co-Stars.

Re. “potentially harmful”, e.g. harder BDSM action – provided Models are interested and suitably remunerated, even this can be discussed.

Dog Rimming: we receive regular requests for dog rimming content. While dog sex is a clean and safe activity – contact with dog feces can be extremely hazardous to health. Yes we are aware ‘models on other sites do it‘, however the decision to potentially risk their health or that of their models is their choice, and not something we are prepared to risk with our Models. Thanks for your understanding.

*To the dumb cunt “obvious copper is obvious”, and his bumbling attempts to convince us that shooting content with underage models is perfectly fine – you will find no low-hanging fruit round here son. You’ll find plenty on other sites so I suggest you jog on. Have a nice day. Apologies to other Members for that, but they do try so very hard. 🙂

Art of Zoo - custom animal sex movies


Custom movies vary in price, depending on:

  • The Model (or multiple Models)
  • Any particular location requests
  • The action you request
  • Any props, clothing, accessories or equipment needed

A basic Custom Movie with a Mogul Project Model starts at 4000 Euros.

Some Models are prepared to make Custom Movies unmasked, for security reasons the price is higher – unmasked Custom Movies start at 7000 Euros.

If you are more into photography, we can also offer custom photosets. Please contact us for pricing.

Any sharing of custom content will result in an immediate ban, and loss of all Mogul privileges on your account.

We will discuss all the relevant details with you when you make your initial request for custom material.

If you have any requests for specific props, clothing/costume, toys etc, the cost of these items will be in addition to the shooting costs. We will need sufficient advance warning if you require anything specific that may need shipping, sourcing, etc.

Art of Zoo - custom animal sex movies


Please read the CUSTOM MOVIE TERMS before contacting us, so you are aware of ALL details concerning Custom Animal Porn material.

To request custom content, please contact us, and tell us your idea or request. Please keep your requests as clear and concise as possible.

We will review your request, and let you know if it’s possible. If it is, we will discuss costs with you. If that’s all to your satisfaction, we will ask you to pay 50% of the Custom Fee, in advance.

We will need some time to shoot and edit your requested content, so please be patient.

When your material is ready, we will send you a set of screenshots, and ask you to pay the remaining 50% of the Custom Fee. We will then send you a link to download your video file(s).


Q. Can you give me a list of available Models? / Is such-and-such Model available to do this and that?
A. Models’ availability varies according to their personal situations. We’ve worked with a large number of Models over the years. It’s not polite to persistently contact and ask Models if they are available to fulfill requests, based on passing casual inquiries. We are now combining custom movies with Mogul Project – this will make it much easier for you to know which Models are available.

Q. Can I have 3 beautiful Russian girls fucking 3 dogs at the same time, in a grand ballroom, with an audience, with knots, pullouts, and squeeze all that into a 2-minute clip and pay $200 for it?
A. No. A pizza, a crate of beer, and a Udemy course in making money online is a better use of your budget.

Q. What kind of clip can I get for $20?
A. A paper clip, or a clip round the ear.

Art Of Zoo - Custom Animal Porn Movies
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