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Custom Animal Porn Movies

Have It Your Way!


We provide a personal, discreet service for Patrons, as we have done for over 20 years. Our custom service is for Petfans who need a little something extra. If there is something specific you’d really like to see, our Custom service is for you.

We offer 2 types of custom content:

  • Custom Clips – short, single-scene material typically from 1 to 5 minutes
  • Custom Movies – longer, multi-scene multi-shot movies, such as the movies we release publicly
Art of Zoo - custom animal sex movies


Full movies are quite labor-intensive. Recruitment, costumes, sets – multiple cameras to get all the various shots. Custom movies require multiple sessions – the more complicated or challenging the request, the more sessions we typically need. This is reflected in the cost.

Full movies usually run from 10 to 40 minutes in length.


If a full movie is beyond your budget, we also offer a custom clips service. Clips are more informal, amateur style, typically shot in 1 session with 1 or 2 cameras, and usually run from 1 to 5 or so minutes in length. Clips are intended for simple, easy-to-produce requests, for example:

  • I’d like to see a Model kissing with a dog
  • I’d like to see the dog cumming on a Models red high-heels
  • I’d like to see a Model rubbing against the dog in her panties

Cost of custom clips will also vary, depending on the request, and how complex / challenging it is to organize/shoot.


We have an excellent track record in producing innovative, sometimes outrageous movies – we also pride ourselves on producing an excellent product, which meets our Patrons needs.

We are aware that sexuality is extremely diverse, we don’t judge. The only hard limits are NO ANIMAL CRUELTY, nor anything that could be potentially harmful for our Models. Even so – provided Models are suitably remunerated, even this can be discussed e.g. with harder BDSM action.

  • Hardcore animal sex action
  • Softcore / erotic animal sex action
  • Pee games
  • Scat games
  • BDSM and bondage
  • Lesbian action
  • Anything realistically possible
Art of Zoo - custom animal sex movies


Custom movies and clips vary in price, depending on:

  • Which Model (or multiple Models) you request
  • Which country they are from
  • Whether you require a clip or a full movie
  • What specific action you request
  • Which particular venues or ambience you request
  • What props, clothing, accessories or equipment needed

All these various factors will affect the price.

A basic Custom Movie starts at 2000 Euros.

A basic Custom Clip starts at 200 Euros, for simple requests.

We will discuss all the relevant details with you when you make your initial request for custom material.

If you have any requests for specific props, clothing/costume, toys etc, the cost of these items will be in addition to the shooting costs.

Art of Zoo - custom animal sex movies


Please read the CUSTOM MOVIE TERMS before contacting us, so you are aware of ALL details concerning Custom Animal Porn material.

To request custom content, please contact us, and tell us your idea or request. Please keep your requests as clear and concise as possible.

We will review your request, and let you know if it’s possible. If it is, we will discuss costs with you. If that’s all to your satisfaction, we will ask you to pay 50% of the Custom Fee, in advance.

We may need some time to shoot your requested content, so please be patient.

When your material is ready, we will send you a set of screenshots, and ask you to pay the remaining 50% of the Custom Fee. We will then send you a link to download your video file(s).


Q. Can I have 3 beautiful Russian girls fucking 3 dogs in a grand ballroom at the same time, with knots, pullouts, and squeeze all that into a 2 minute clip and pay $200 for it?
A. No. A pizza, a crate of beer, and a Udemy course in making money online is a better use of your budget.

Q. What kind of clip can I get for $20?
A. A paper clip, or a clip round the ear.

Art Of Zoo - Custom Animal Porn Movies
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