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Become a Stud Owner


Dogs, like people, prefer to have a purpose in life. Those experienced with dogs will know they take their job – any job – very seriously. No job more seriously than the important job of getting it on with sexy Pet Ladies. We’ve had dogs literally kicking the door down, to get on set and do their job. And what a nice job it is.

We are looking for Owners of any suitable MALE dog who may be interested in their boy co-starring in one of our movies. We are also looking for Owners of any other animal that may be interesting for our movies – primarily dogs, but also boars, horses – dolphins, aliens, surprise us 🙂

We are currently only seeking Owners in and around Europe, as Europe is our main base for animal sex movie production. If you are an Owner elsewhere, you may be interested in being a Producer. You can read more about that here.


By suitable male animals, we mean:

  • animals of sexually mature age – not too young, not too old
  • intact – i.e. not neutered
  • of suitable size (very sorry, no Chihuahuas)
  • healthy and active – healthy well exercised and well-cared-for animals perform much better
  • well cared for and in good shape (very sorry, no 3 legged 1 eyed dogs named Lucky)
  • non-aggressive or potentially dangerous
  • 100% yours (as in, not a friends dog you borrowed only for your friend to find out and make problems)
  • some experience with Ladies is preferable but not essential

Art Of Zoo - Animal sex movie dog owners


Attending a shoot and seeing the fun live is one of the top things on most Petfans’ wish lists. Attending shoots is generally a service we charge a fee for. As an Owner, you would become part of our network and can jump the queue. You will get to meet some of our amazing Pet Models, our Crew, and hopefully make some new and interesting friends.

We are looking for reliable, motivated, civilized, largely sober animal Owners in or around Europe.

For dog Owners, you will probably need to travel – how far will depend on your location relative to where we plan to shoot. We will cover all travel and accommodation costs for you, and pay you a small Owner fee as a thank you.

For other animals (boars, horses, etc) that are not so easily transported, we may need to travel to a location near to you. We can discuss these details during your application.

As well as animal sex shoots, we eventually plan to hold events in Europe and you and your boy(s) may be interested to attend.

In short – if you are the Owner of a suitable dog, or other suitable male animals, in Europe, and are interested to get involved, we’d like to hear from you.

Art Of Zoo - Animal sex movie dog owners


Please contact us in the first instance, and let us know approximately where you are, and what animals you have. A little about yourself would be useful – why you would like to do this, any experience you have or would like to have.

We will reply and ask for some photos of your pet(s). If everything is looking good, we will ask you to Get Verified. That is a quick and easy process, we just need to see your pet(s) on cam so we know you are genuine – you can read more about that here.

Everything else will be discussed with you AFTER you are verified. So please get verified first.


Finding suitable Owners is always challenging. The ratio of Ladies applying to Model vs the number of suitable dogs available is generally 100:1. So please do not apply unless you are absolutely serious and motivated to work with us.

Also, please do not apply if:

  • you are ‘only interested in attending if you can fuck the Model‘ – please
  • you are likely to get completely drunk and be a nuisance
  • you can’t conduct yourself in a civilized manner around Ladies
  • you are likely to turn up with no animal because ‘your dog ran away‘ etc
  • you don’t have the balls for this

If you are the kind of person we want to work with, you’ll get the idea. It’s not difficult – sensible, reliable, civilized, some balls – if that’s you, please get in touch. Your boy(s) will appreciate it 🙂

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