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Our Mission


Society is a mask we all wear – a standard template of conduct. Language, costume, please, thank you. Each culture has their own template, but the principle is the same. It’s the uniform we wear to fit in.

It is a mask, though. While the mask can tell us how well someone pretends, it says little about who we are behind it.

The truth is that behind closed doors, we are not the same. Only our masks are. Our beliefs, our interests, our tastes, what we think and feel – these things make us each as unique as our fingerprints.



Throughout history, people have sought to explore the unknown. The poles, the jungles and forests, the oceans. Each new discovery giving us a better understanding of our world, and our place within it.

Today, we have only explored about 5% of our planet. We have no idea what discoveries are yet to come, and what impact these discoveries will have upon us.

The human mind remains a largely unknown, unquantified mystery. For example, 5 minutes ago homosexuality was considered a sickness. Women pregnant outside of marriage were locked up in an insane asylum.

These behaviors were not wrong, our understanding of them was. Modern society’s template has since been updated to accept these groups, leading to a far more inclusive and productive society.

There are myriad other behaviors that are currently considered unacceptable because they are not understood. We cannot understand something until it’s explored objectively, and it’s impossible to understand behavior that is invisible because it’s hidden behind a mask.



The birth of the internet changed everything. For the first time in recorded history, we have the opportunity to see behind the masks. People are able to express their true selves in ways that were not previously possible.

We have a choice. We can use this window to identify ‘wrong’ people, drag them into the street, and learn nothing.

Or, we can take this opportunity to advance our understanding of humanity, leading us to a brighter and more effective tomorrow.



Our mission is threefold.

Firstly, we aim to explore human sexuality, and in particular the phenomena of zoosexuality. From the online cracks and niches where the few once congregated, to the thousands of websites, and the many millions of people in every culture who find themselves drawn to zoosexuality today. Through the media of art, writing, and community, we seek to understand, such that more people can find their place in the world.

Secondly, to provide safe avenues for zoosexuals to express themselves, and find support and friendship – a place we can discover that we are not alone. Politicians I’d remind you that zoosexuals vote too.

Lastly, we do all this because we like it, and we choose to. Nature has shaped us this way – and it is our natural-born right to exist in the way that nature intended, and not the way that an endless sea of capricious politicians and religious leaders would prefer us to exist depending on the day.

We appreciate some places have laws against us, and feel animosity towards us. They hated Copernicus too, for suggesting the Earth revolves around the Sun:


Some people believe that it is correct to work out a thing as absurd as did that astronomer
who moves the earth and stops the sun.
Indeed, wise rulers should have curbed such light-mindedness.

A Copernicus Hater


We’ve fought to continue our work for over 20 years. We will continue fighting as long as we can. Thanks for joining us on our adventure.

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