Right so. Since our first Mogul Project, many of you have been chasing, asking when the next one is coming up. We do appreciate your enthusiasm and support, but I don’t like to hassle you for funds every 2 minutes.

Having said that, I gather you Moguls had a good time being involved in the creation of something special, or you wouldn’t keep asking me 🙂 We have a bunch of more ambitious projects planned in Europe, some quite interesting and fabulous stuff, that may need a touch of financial input. Sadly with corona pissing on everyone’s parade, everyone’s travel plans have to wait a bit. Everyone is fair twitching to get going again…

In the meantime, a project that has been on the board for a while, we just have not gotten around to completing it: The Strict Machine Series. Those paying attention will know, that we have recruited a small harem of lovely Ladies, schooled in the Art of Dog Sex. The Ladies are ready to take it to the next level.


Art Of Zoo Dog Porn Mogul Project #2 - Strict Machine



Dog Bondage, as a movie genre, has not yet been done properly. A few have dabbled in it. One of our early movies, with Rebel, sees the young Lady tied over a bench as the horny rottie takes her. Some of our other old producers did some movies with Ladies with their heads in a kind of stock, as doggy did his thing. All good – but it’s not really bondage.

Fact is – if a Lady is not restrained correctly – a small tilt of Her hips – a twist, or hunch at the right moment – that dog penis is quite easily avoided. Dog-dodging, we call it.

Even when a Lady WANTS to get the dog inside Her, sometimes it’s a struggle. You get the idea then.

Bondage should (with consent of course), remove the element of choice, from the doggy equation. The dog slave is held, bound, and available for the dog, and this availability is now out of Her control. So then, I’ve never found it too convincing, to see a Lady tied up, then choosing to wiggle those hips such that the dog can get inside. She could’ve done that without being tied up – what’s the point of the bondage then? Controlled Receptivity is the mission here, and if the Lady is not properly controlled, then it’s pretend bondage, not real bondage.


Art Of Zoo Dog Porn Mogul Project #2 - Strict Machine



Building an effective dog bondage setup is a problem. You are taking that most flexible and mobile of things – the human body – and locking it into the perfect position for dog intercourse. When dealing with bits that bend, curve, and twist in every direction – not as easy as it may appear.

The device needs to be such that it isn’t dangerous to the Lady involved. She has to remain safe, and comfortable, while available and enjoyed.

To add to the obstacles – some dogs really don’t like a static target. They prefer a Lady who is moving around – in particular, moving away as he mounts. This helps him move into the correct position behind her. A static female can often be seen as an unreceptive female, and Rover won’t mount. Not always, but sometimes.

The frame has to be ‘discrete’ enough, that it doesn’t put the dog off. Dogs have enough problems navigating the differences in anatomy when loving a Lady – her various positions, her hips, her legs, etc – without being presented with a stack of pipes and rods that don’t really look like something fuckable. It needs to not get in his way, or distract him.

It needs to completely restrict the Lady’s movement such that Her position remains static, very available, and yet still enticing for the dog(s).

And it has to be ‘pack-awayable‘, more or less, such that you’re not left with this strange, kinda obvious-looking equipment sitting in the middle of your lounge. As elegant a solution as possible, to achieve the above. This has not been done to date, and it’s about time that it was. Dog bondage, done properly, could arguably generate a whole new genre of animal sex movies. We all like new doggystuff right? 🙂


Art Of Zoo Dog Porn Mogul Project #2 - Strict Machine



Lots of artists have come up with possible concepts for such a device. Nothing really practical. I have at least a dozen workable concepts, on paper. But – the problem with building something with this many variables – it is unlikely to be perfect at the first attempt. We’ll have to build it – test it, tweak it – change it, test it again, and again, until it’s perfect. I expect, after 2 or 3 versions, we’ll have a functioning bondage setup.

Once we have a suitable frame – the next thing is getting the Ladies used to being taken, while restrained. We’re expecting the dogs to need a few attempts until they get the hang of mounting and mating a ‘static target’. There may be a few ‘ouch’ moments, we will have to be on very watchful standby ready to yank the doggy off the Lady in the event of any problems. In short – we expect to have a bunch of material  – behind the scenes, outtakes, bloopers – that are probably interesting for collectors, but which won’t make it into any feature movies we release.

When we have a working frame – we will fire out the plans/instructions to the frame, to our various Producers around the world – if it’s something they would like to play around with 🙂 And – not forgetting of course – once the corona shit blows over – we have plans to invite a bunch of nice Ladies over to us, and some of those Ladies might like a ride on the bondage frame. We shall see…

(As a side-note for you budding – and more experienced Owners; Doggy Bondage, and ‘helpless sexuality presented to some horny dogs‘ – often a pack of dogs – is probably THE number 1 fantasy I’ve heard from Pet Ladies. Consistently, year in year out. Starting a new trend in Doggy Bondage might make a lot of Pet Ladies very happy indeed, especially if some of you start building frames of your own) 🙂


Art Of Zoo Dog Porn Mogul Project #2 - Strict Machine



We are looking for a bunch of helpful Moguls to assist with funding for this project.

We’ll need to have bits built – welded, padded, etc. We may need to get bits redone if they don’t work well on the first attempt. We may need specially-made bondage bits to go with the frame. We may add inbuilt lighting and cameras. We may add all kinds of things – this will depend on overall success, time, and budget available.

We will need to do a whole bunch of test shoots with Ladies and the finished frame. And we will need to keep at it until we have enough decent material to release an actual movie.


If we proceed with this project, helpful Moguls can expect to receive:

  • Footage of the frame being constructed – plus, any upgrades or redesigns
  • Footage of our Ladies being placed into the frame – probably several different Ladies
  • Footage of the first experiments in doggy sex whilst in the frame – again, probably several different Ladies
  • A copy of the final feature movie – hopefully the first real dog bondage movie, ever 🙂

NOTE: Patient Moguls only, please. All of this is not a 5-minute job. Please don’t be chasing us every 5 minutes – we can’t build frames and shoot if we are replying to emails all day 🙂

There is always a slim possibility, that after every conceivable experiment and test – that we just can’t get it to work as we hope it will. Rest assured, we will give it our very best shot, and we are optimistic. Still, there is a possibility that it doesn’t happen. That will mean there will be no final feature movie release to give you. There will still be all the unreleased material of course – and we will aim to make up for any lack of feature movie, with some different stuff. We aim to keep you happy 🙂



If you are interested in being a Mogul on this project, please contact Support in the first instance, and let us know you are interested to contribute. When / if we have enough Moguls to make this project viable, we will contact you back and organize payment with you. When we have received payment from all Moguls, we will proceed with the project.

IF for some reason, a bunch of Moguls don’t come through with payment – if we do not really have enough in the pot to start right away, we will contact Moguls who already paid, and refund your payments. Keep in mind – to date, with various projects, this has never happened. Still, better to be prepared just in case.

We are looking for Moguls who can contribute 400 EUROS to this project. Hopefully, a lower Mogul contribution might open this up to more new Moguls. Plus, covid fucking with everyone’s lives, we like to do what we can.

If you are up for it – contact Support, and let’s get going with the Doggy Bondage already! 🙂

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