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Introducing Gaia

About Us


To the concerned parents, Vicars, Politicians, and all the kinds of people that we are likely to scare, we extend our apologies in advance.

We apologize in advance because we’ve listened to your various theories. Each one, screamingly more adept than the next. Each one, astonishingly more inept than the last. Thanks all the same.

We do not believe that sex is evil. We do not believe different is bad. We do not believe your scary stories.

We will not be swayed. We do what we need to do. We use what we have available, with which to do it. And we are everywhere.

Please keep hold of your ‘unnatural‘ labels. We will let Nature be the judge of that.

You are welcome to not believe the things we believe. Similarly, you are most welcome. A little understanding makes the better person. Lead, follow, or kindly step aside.

Gaia is the underdog. The little guy. Or girl. The downtrodden. The heartbroken. The unfulfilled. The hungry. From pulpit, to palace, to abject poverty; from womb to tomb, you know who you are.

Welcome home. Thanks for reading, and see you on the other side.

“We are theall singingall dancingcrap of the world”

Tyler Durden

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