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Our Moguls

Welcome Moguls

Learn about our Mogul Projects and becoming one of our awesome Moguls…


A Mogul is a Member who supports the creation of high-end and experimental content. We have around 300 Moguls who regularly support projects that we would not otherwise have funding for.


Art of Zoo - DogWoman Megashoot - Mogul #1 - dog porn movie
Mogul #1 – DogWoman Megashoot


The problems with payment facilities, plus the rife file sharing of content, makes it extremely difficult to earn money with animal sex movies. Without the support of fans, it quickly becomes uneconomical to produce more movies. It’s not good news for movie producers, and it’s not good news for animal sex fans.

In order to create ambitious, experimental and generally high-quality content, movies need to be funded a different way. This is where our Moguls come in. With a handful of forward-thinking, sensible Members, we can fund all kinds of interesting and amazing projects. You can browse our catalogue of completed animal sex Mogul Projects here.


Art of Zoo - Mach.1 Strict Machine - Mogul #2 - dog porn movie
Mogul #2 – Strict Machine Dog Sex Bondage Frame



Our Moguls Group helps us to solve problems that require additional budget:

  • We are contacted regularly by popular and beautiful Models, who would be beyond our budget based on regular public sales
  • Sometimes a Lady is a bit too far away and travel costs would prevent us from working with her. It is quite heartbreaking, how many amazing females have slipped through our fingers over a simple matter of funding
  • We also have experimental projects we’d like to do – such as our Bondage Frame project – that would be too time-consuming or costly to produce.


Art of Zoo - Nuns of Fun - Church Shoot - Mogul #3 - dog porn movie
Mogul #3 – Nuns of Fun – Church shoot with Donna



Moguls are part of our VIP circle, becoming a Mogul is the easiest way to join this exclusive group. VIPs have access to unique products and services that you will not easily find elsewhere.

Moguls will be invited to join our private and exclusive VIP area once it is built. Within this area, you will have a say in which movies and ideas we produce next. You will be able to collaborate with other VIPs to create mini-projects – essentially custom movies on particular themes, with the cost spread among a group of Members. As well as other benefits which we will list here as our systems are upgraded.


Art of Zoo - Raven's Quest - Mogul #4 - dog porn movie
Mogul #4 – Raven’s Quest



It’s simple – we announce a Project we would like to do. Our Moguls fund the project – if we have enough funding for the project, then the project will proceed. If we do not receive enough funding, or if a Project cannot proceed for some reason, then we return payments to our Moguls. This has not happened yet – to date we have a 100% track record in successfully delivering on Projects, and we aim to keep it that way.

You can find a more detailed explanation of How Mogul Projects Work here.


Art of Zoo - Project Triple-X - Coco - Mogul #6 - dog sex video
Mogul #6 – Project Triple-X with Coco



Currently anyone can become a Mogul, later we will likely start charging a joining fee to discourage any bad elements from creeping into our VIP group.

Meanwhile, becoming a Mogul is easy – you just need to join one or more of our Mogul Projects. We’d encourage you to read How Mogul Projects Work first, so you know what to expect.

We have a long track record of creating groundbreaking, beautiful and innovative content. The scope of our content is only limited by funding. If you would like to become part of the creative force that is our Moguls, please contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to our VIP group 🙂

Art of Zoo - Project Triple-X - Coco - Mogul #6 - dog sex video

Become a Mogul!

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