Hey Gang

How’s everyone doing? You know, it’s been almost a year since the previous AoZ got closed down. Feels like only yesterday. We’ve been busy cleaning up the fallout from all that, getting organized – catching up with Mogul Projects, and figuring out the next steps. I thought it was about time to start making a reappearance.

It does not seem overly rosy around the world right now. I don’t know about you, but armageddon’ a bit miffed with the non-stop bad news. Well, when sunshine and happy faces seem in short supply, what we do around here seems all the more important.

Things have changed a bit out there. Increasing costs, restrictions on travel, changes in laws, and unhappy people ever-vigilant for new and exciting things to hate on, it’s getting harder than ever to do what we do. Then, it’s never been particularly easy. We’ll probably have to make some changes again soon. We’ve made a lot of changes, and had new ideas over the years, so you should be used to that.

The Art Of Zoo - animal sex update may 2022 - dog sex video
Dangerous looking not-so-dangerous in fluffy ears…



A year is an appropriate amount of time to grieve for the demise of a network. Folks are still chasing us on support about community stuff. Honestly, folks if you are only now finding out the community is closed, you clearly weren’t on it too much.

I kinda miss it, and I kinda don’t miss it at all. The previous AoZ was a valiant effort, but not entirely successful. The ZooSkool community was built when the internet was not widely used. A smaller group of nicer people. These days everyone is pushed online, with phones and such. That brought a veritable tidal wave of undesirables flooding the last network. Tourists, scammers, you name it. Not great for our Verified Ladies, since there were ten thousand tourists between them and any decent Owner. Not great for our Verified Owners either, for the same reason.

I still believe there is a need for a decent contact system for serious people. With lessons learned from the previous community, it most likely won’t be a public system. Probably something more along the lines of Gaia Gold, but geared towards meetings rather than movies. We hope to get started on that soon, provided the cash flow doesn’t start making problems again.


The Art Of Zoo - animal sex update may 2022 - dog sex video
Tink’s tiny tight pussy is so much more pet than when the Lady started, the dogs love it…



The restrictions on travel were not great news for us – being able to travel to shoots, or up and disappear, was a major weapon in our arsenal. Even more irritating – JUST before the lockdown, after many many years of asking, we’d just started dabbling in inviting Patrons over to attend shoots. Yes, it certainly rained on our parade.

Thankfully now lockdown is mostly over. International travel is still a pain, but at least Folks can get out of the house for meetings, and Models and Producers can move around for shoots. Recently one of our Verified Couples popped over to Portugal for some fun. So there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As soon as the international restrictions cool down a bit more, we hope to head straight over to Europe where we have a long queue of Ladies waiting to join in the fun. This brings me to the topic of…


The Art Of Zoo - animal sex update may 2022 - dog sex video
River’s hot buns are one of the highlights of the past few months, yummy…



We’ve solved a lot of problems over the years. Where to find real Pet Girls, how to find amazing Pet Ladies for movies – we came up with the download buffer to protect our movies to some extent – the same download buffer everyone uses now. When there was no way to take payments, we went out and found ways. To name but a few.

A few problems remain unsolved. The file-sharing of course, we still need to get a handle on that. Another problem that’s plagued us for years, is the problem of potential Models who don’t live anywhere near a suitable Producer.

We’ve heard from hundreds of amazing Ladies over the years, potentially thousands, from every corner of the planet. Given that potential Models can be anywhere – and so can Producers – if we hear from 100 Ladies, we might manage to put maybe 1 together with a Producer and get something done. It’s always been quite frustrating, letting all these great Ladies slip through our fingers. Travel costs, bringing Models to us, or to the closest Producer – these costs have always been beyond the budget of a typical movie.

However, we now have our Moguls. That changes things a bit. As we saw with the bondage project – there is no way we would have ever done that for a standard shoot. The money and time needed for it simply wouldn’t be there. As a Mogul Project though, it worked out quite well.

We are thinking about doing a private Mogul Club, at which point we can experiment with the problem of too-far-away-Ladies. It’s not set in stone yet, we need to do some more experimenting first. Either way, I’m hoping that our Moguls may be the key to solving this outstanding problem. I’m sure you, like me, don’t like to see a nice Pet Pussy go unenjoyed by pets. Fingers crossed we can do something about that, somehow.

The other problem is, of course, the eternal problem of how to get 3 vaginas in my mouth at one time. I don’t think you can help much with that one – still, any helpful advice is appreciated 🙂


The Art Of Zoo - animal sex update may 2022 - dog sex video
TigerLily and Tink know how to shut me up…



That’s all for this time Gang. It’s back to the grindstone for us, we have a lot to get through, and you should hopefully start seeing the fruits of that very soon. Until next time, keep your spirits up, keep on loving those Pet Ladies and their sublime vaginas. And keep on rocking in the pet world. Speak to you all soon 🙂

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