This post is for any pet-enthusiastic tech or development-related folks on our network. Now our movie side is running a bit more smoothly, it’d be nice to get our development side in a similar shape.

*UPDATE*: Our Dream Team recruitment drive is progressing – you can catch up with the latest developments in the SECOND and THIRD posts. I’ll leave these earlier posts up so you know what’s going on…

We have lots of plans, fun things to build for Petfans. We have a situation, if we can solve this situation it will be a big step forward. I’m throwing this out there to see if any experienced folks have any bright ideas.

“If you build it,
They will cum”

Maybe Kevin Costner


  • Help with site and software development is always useful
  • We get lots of offers of help from developers in our network
  • The best quality work comes from people passionate about their work
  • So then, passionate devs on our network would in theory build us the very best systems and allow us to get a lot more done
  • People on our network often prefer to remain anonymous
  • An anonymous developer from our network could be anyone, from stalker to hacker to authorities to worse
  • For security, we don’t accept any development help from anyone, ever
  • We use off-scene developers who aren’t passionate about petfun at all
  • Repeat.

That’s been our development workflow from day 1. I think we can do better.


A small, trusted, on-scene development Team, all as passionate about Petfun as we are? Wow, we could build some amazing stuff. Development has always been a bottleneck for us.

Unfortunately, the thing that makes an on-scene dev attractive also makes them potentially dangerous. If someone undesirable wanted to get their hands on our data, they’d probably contact us as a dev. It happens often – ‘If I could just get into your server I could do X and Y‘. If not planning to steal data, then potentially stealing code or stealing content, backdoors, or malware – as a professional and ethical developer you get the idea.


We have the people, we have lots of people. The right people? That’s the challenge. The situation is quite specific.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback so far, that’s great and appreciated.

We’ve made some progress with our Dev Team, and you can catch up with the developments HERE (Part 2) and HERE (Part 3)

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