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Amazon Instructions

Amazon is probably our easiest payment method, for Members who don’t use Bitcoin/crypto. It’s a very discrete way to pay, there is no connection between the gift cards and our site. When you’ve done it once, it’s easy – this page is for Members new to Amazon (or if you forgot anything).


  • Log into Amazon
  • Open the gift card page
  • Enter the details we’ve given you
  • Change the currency if needed
  • Buy Now
  • That’s it.  If you need simpler than that, here is a picture of a potato.


If the potato is not working for you, here’s an easy step-by-step guide to using Amazon instead 🙂

1. Log In to Amazon

If you don’t have an Amazon account you can set one up. It’s advisable to use your proper details to set up the account, in case Amazon needs to do a security spot-check, to make sure you are the real owner of your credit card.

2. Change the Currency (if needed)

We accept gift cards in US Dollars and Euros. If you are using Amazon in a US Dollar or Euro area (e.g. USA, Portugal, France), you can skip this step. Otherwise, you can click here for the instructions on changing the currency for gift cards.

3. Search for ‘Egift Card’

Search for ‘egift card‘, it’s usually the first result you’ll get. Open that, you will land on a page looking like this (if it’s massively different please let us know so we can update the screenshot)

Art of Zoo - Amazon Cards


4. Enter the Details

Enter the details we have sent you by email or Telegram. Please be VERY CAREFUL here, and do not enter anything sexual, any movie titles, any mention of our site:

  • AMOUNT – enter the amount to pay into the ‘Enter Amount‘ box
  • DELIVERY – select the Email option
  • TO – enter the TO (recipient) email address we’ve given you
  • FROM – enter the name you’ve been using when talking to us (e.g. Bob), so we can identify your payment
  • QUANTITY – if you are buying multiple cards (e.g. for larger purchases), enter the quantity. Skip this step if you are purchasing 1 card

Then you just click BUY NOW (top right-hand corner) and check out. The cards will be sent to us, and we will send your purchases by email.

Art of Zoo - Amazon Cards

If you do not have the above details, please contact us and we will assist you with your purchase.

5. Security Checks

At some point, you will probably hit the Amazon security check. It’s nothing to worry about, it is just Amazon making sure your credit card is not stolen, and that you are the legitimate owner of your account. Their system is not great – it will trigger a security check after you have made a purchase, instead of during, as with other websites. This makes it quite difficult to spot.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep your eye on your Amazon notifications for around 5 minutes after you’ve purchased your cards. Any requests from Amazon will be in there, and you can get through the verification quickly. It’s a minor hassle, no more so than the occasional credit card or Paypal hassle. Once it’s done you should not need to do it again, and you can purchase cards freely and easily thereon in. You might not get it – but keep your eye out for it just in case.

That’s It!

That’s all you need to do to send us Amazon cards to pay for our stuff. Many thanks for your cooperation, and for helping us to keep animal sex content alive 🙂

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