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Changing Gift Card Currency

We accept US DOLLAR Amazon gift cards. If you use Amazon somewhere US Dollars are used, you can skip this page. Otherwise, here are the instructions to quickly change the currency of gift cards you send out.

People are sending gift cards to family and friends in other countries all the time, so Amazon provides an easy way to send gift cards in other currencies.

To change the currency of gift cards you send out, you just need to change your region.

To change your region, scroll to the very bottom of the page on Amazon, you will see the REGION BUTTON (see image below). Click on the region button…

Art of Zoo - Amazon Cards

On the next screen, choose United States, and click the GO TO WEBSITE button…

Art of Zoo - Amazon Cards

Amazon will open a new tab, with the USA regional Amazon. Use that tab to make your purchase, cards sent out will be in US Dollars.


Your gift card currency changed in 3 clicks! You can go ahead and purchase gift cards in US Dollars using this method.

If you have any problems you can contact us.



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