Usually, I would post a Project pitch post in the Projects area, then put up a movie page when we have some tangible media in hand to put a movie page up with. Well, we already have a bunch of media so I have already done a movie page. You can check out Project #6 here. I’ll post a little something here in the Mogul Project outlines area, just to keep things consistent.

Art of Zoo - Project Triple-X - Coco - Mogul #6 - dog sex video

I met Coco for the first time in a cafe-restaurant with ILZ. Coco was sitting on the couch, dressed elegantly (like her namesake Coco Chanel), with a very short skirt on. All I could see were those legs, and the Lady’s black panties peeking out. Coco certainly knows how to make a first impression, I knew right away she would be great.

A quick sidetrack – I’ve written, in posts before, regarding the topic of consent in animal sex. The unschooled assume that a dog can’t consent because it can’t speak. With around 80% of all communication being non-verbal, you do not need to speak to consent. Case in point – Coco does not speak a word of English, and we speak maybe 2 words of Russian. At no point during the proceedings did Coco, either written or verbally, tell us she would like to have sex with our dogs. Google Translate told us that, and we can only hope that is what the Lady typed into her end. If she did not – if perhaps she was a Tax Auditor or maybe got a wrong number – well, the Lady certainly rolled with it all. 🙂

Art of Zoo - Project Triple-X - Coco - Mogul #6 - dog sex video

I know many Petfans were very into Simone while she was around. Simone had a genuine sweetness about her, folks are still inquiring about her today. Coco has that same sweetness and charm, and I do believe you are going to enjoy this Lady.

That’s enough for this post, Gang, I’ve said plenty on the Project Movie page so go check it out.

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